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Helping Seniors Stay Home Longer

Affinity America Home Care Serves

Kansas City and Surrounding Areas

Our VIP Services

Caring for your loved one with dignity, is our honor. Providing a livable wage for our caregivers, is our duty. Serving our community, is our passion!


Agency Directed Services

Consumer Directed Services

Respite Care Services

Private Duty

Veterans Care Options

Choose local support with quality caregivers offering you excellent continuity.


At Affinity America Home Care, we believe that “doing good business means being a good business partner.” We understand that there are many Home Care agencies out there. We also understand that you have a choice. For these reasons, we proudly stand behind our Core Values.

Below are the reasons that Affinity America Home Care is the trusted name in in-home care. Our flexible and hourly in home care plans enable your family to feel comfortable knowing that you have made the right decision. We understand that providing the best home is important for families

1. The client’s whom we serve deserve to be cared for with honor, dignity, and respect.

2. You are entrusting your loved one to our care; we’ll never take that for granted.

3. Our caregivers work hard; we provide a “livable wage” not a minimum wage.

4. Honesty and Integrity are our foundation; we will never compromise either of them.

5. Whether we serve 1 or 101, we care for every client as our VIP.

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